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In creating, and consolidating relationships with clients who don’t meet your team face to face it’s more important than ever to have good headshot photographs as a point of reference for your clients. However, it’s a fact that many people, however gregarious they may be in person, don’t like having their photograph taken and this is an obstacle to providing clients with images of the otherwise relaxed, personable and professional staff they will deal with. With this in mind, I provide relaxed headshot photography for businesses. Plan the correct amount of time a headshot session will take to enable me not to rush people, to chat with them, put them at ease and then photograph them looking and feeling as relaxed as they can be in front of a camera lens.

Hopefully, I’m pretty good at putting people at ease, getting the best from them, it’s been the reason I’ve been chosen to produce headshot photography for several local companies on quite a few occasions. From one of my recent sessions I received this lovely feedback which was posted to my LinkedIn profile by a great guy I’d met whilst producing some corporate headshots:

As a recent subject of Phil’s – and as an amateur photographer myself – can I say what a fabulous photographer this guy is? Hugely professional, very personable, he not only knows his stuff, he is also fantastic and putting his subjects at ease and at the same time actually listens to what they want, which in my experience is rather rare with professional photographers. I can’t recommend Phil Barnes Photography highly enough.”

It’s really great for me knowing how much effort I put into making sure the subjects of my photographs are relaxed to be able to provide evidence of it here. I’m regularly asked back to photograph new members of staff and teams for companies I work with and it was on a recent visit to one of my regular client’s in the IT field that I took the photographs below. These headshots are aimed at producing a great interactive grid of all of the team’s headshots from innovative Breakwater IT and there’s a surprise there which adds a little humour to the casual website browser: which I won’t give away on this occasion.

So if you’re looking for formal headshots, want something a little more casual or innovative please get in touch, thanks for reading.


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