Headshots and branding photographer: Norwich

Headshots of new staff members need to be in keeping with the photographs you already have, whether the style you’ve chosen is quirky, formal, environmental, or studio style white backdrop, you don’t want the new recruits looking different, the colours, the posing, framing and styling has to be similar or your staff page looks inconsistent and at worst a mess. Instead of having this happen hire yourself a headshots and branding photographer like me.

There’s another cardinal sin of course in headshots and that is not updating your headshot. If you’ve grown older, changed your hair, grown a beard, straightened your teeth, gone on a health drive etc you should get another photograph taken with those new staff members. I’ve lost count of the number of people who use a 10+ year old image for their business profile and wonder why no one easily recognises them at networking meetings and similar. I’m very glad when as a source of pride someone asks for an updated headshot to reflect a new image to the business world.

A recent visit to Breakwater IT in Norwich involved taking some shots of the new starters. Breakwater display their headshots on a pretty unique team page and taking their headshots is a little more complex than most but quite good fun for new starters. In addition to taking some of these images of the new starters we also took a couple of them for some social media posts about them starting there. Here’s a couple of image from the session below, good luck with the new careers!

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