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Refreshed and updated website designs often require new and updated images of a business. I’m often asked to provide new headshots of staff and business directors for new websites and enjoy producing these images.

A headshot photography session shouldn’t be viewed as a quick conveyor belt through which disinterested staff members pass. If no time is spent making sure that the person being photographed is comfortable, engaged and listened too during the photography then the resultant image often looks like an image produced in police custody. If you’re in a customer and client facing environment or role the last thing you need is for the client to browse your website looking for a person they know only via phone and email conversations only to find a blank expressionless image.

On this recent shoot I chatted to the staff members I was photographing whilst photographing them, let them relax, heard what they had to say about previous photographs of themselves and worked to produce images of them that hopefully they will like and that clients and customers can relate too. In short I hope that the images produced show a little of the personality of the person photographed, not under duress, but as you would find them if you worked with them day in and day out.

My brief on this assignment was to produce high quality consistent images based in the office environment that were to be cropped in quite tightly to ally with the new webpage design. We used one of the offices located in the business premises as a location and using portable flash units I lit the portraits to eliminate the fluorescent office lighting which often adds unattractive colour casts to office based portraits. The images were produced to provide a hint of the office environment with the background dropped out of focus by use of a professional portrait lens. Three lights were used to create a bright lighting effect consistent with the light grey coloured web design whilst providing a little contrast between the people photographed and the background.

The team at McTear Williams & Wood are professionals who deal with Business Rescue and Insolvency, I hope I’ve produced images that reflect their professionalism but also their personalities.


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