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Being a holiday home photographer I’m keen on looking at photographs used to advertise holiday homes when I myself am looking for somewhere to stay with my family. It’s also the first thing I do if I’m asked to photograph a holiday home, I’ll look at the listing and try and get an impression of the home I’ll be photographing.

I’ve photographed shepherd’s huts, beach huts, cottages, houses, and mansions in my time photographing properties and I’d say I’m pretty experienced at wringing every last bit of information out of a photograph. So when I arrive at a property I’m very keen to have a look around and mentally compare the images on a listing to what I can see with my own eyes on visiting.

If you have a great holiday home to rent and would like to surprise your guests with a great home when they arrive at your property then usually the best way to do this is to take your own photographs! There I said it 😉 I know it sounds terrible, but I often find it’s true, and also often find that the first thing an owner of a great property will tell me is how chuffed to bits their guests are when they arrive at a great property that’s been undersold by DIY photography.

Of course for me it’s great, I know that a, I’ve got a beautiful property b, that my client’s bookings are going to go through the roof c, that my client will have guests who know the quality of the property they’re visiting prior to visiting, d, that my client’s hard work creating a stunning property will be properly rewarded with higher pricing and more bookings e, that my client has made the right choice in getting professional images produced of their property.

That’s all I’m going to say in this blog post, if you are an owner who has DIY photographs and wants more bookings get in touch!

Here’s a property I photographed earlier, it’s the Church Farm Barn, Runham, Norfolk listed on I’m looking forward to going back in Spring to photograph the exteriors, lovely barn in a beautiful Norfolk Broads location.

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