Holiday Property Photographer: Norfolk & Suffolk

Lockdown isn’t great for holiday rentals that have already been booked, but with hopefully easing restrictions later in the year there’s never a better time to get some professional photographs produced of your existing or new holiday property. If you’d like your house, cottage, country house to shine above the other holiday property listings then hiring a professional holiday property photographer is a must.

I might sound like I’m hard selling but being a photographer with experience in the market gives me a fine appreciation of what makes an image appealing and moreover what makes it stand out amongst the many images a potential customer will look through on searching for a place to stay. The key is not only well lit, bright stylish images it’s also clean images, images without all the colour casts of various interior lights casting their various glows over an interior, without the looming dark shadows of an unlit space on top of kitchen cupboards or the corner of a living room or bedroom, or a hideous and amateurish HDR image that is non of the above.

I know from working with many holiday home owners and their agents that a great deal of work, passion and love goes into designing and presenting holiday cottages, particularly their interiors, so it’s very wrong to sell them short with mobile phone images, or poorly shot amateur images. Often people make do with the images they’ve produced at the end of a good period of time agonising over details and don’t look at them with a critical eye and more importantly don’t let their hard work shine.

I bring a desire to make a property look great to my image making whether it’s my photography or short films. Both are great included on listings, website and social media and tell your potential client who is yearning for a great place to stay that you’re the real deal and have invested in both the property and it’s marketing.

Here’s a few images shot recently in December of a lovely cottage listed by East Ruston Cottages lighting was used throughout to give it a well lit look, and the exterior images also include lighting to highlight the feature Hot tub and interior on an otherwise dull winters day.

I hope you like a small sample of the images and please get in touch for a tailored quote for your property.

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