Hug-a-Mug Cafe Photography

The village in which I live is very lucky to have a great social aspect which has recently been added to by the creation of a cafe in our local village hall. The cafe is run entirely by volunteers and is open most days of the week catering for everyone from pensioners to mums and dads and the many people who use the village hall for activities.

In addition to providing lovely hot drinks and a great selection of cakes, the cafe also does hot food such as sausage rolls, quiche and baked potatoes and soup. I volunteered to take some shots, cafe photography if you will of the food and drink produced in order to support their social media presence and advertising.

The small sample of photographs below were produced with a small white background utilising natural daylight from a window and reflectors to light the subject in natural and appetising light.

If you have a cafe and would like some food and drink photography, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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