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A visit to CSS Cloud at their headquarters in Great Yarmouth early this year saw me producing updated headshots and headshots for new comers to the company. In addition during the same visit I also produced images for the company based around the working environment and staff which could be used as stock images on website, blogs, social media and in brochures.

The images show real staff members interacting, real branding and real offices and are therefore much more organic to the business than the throw away stock images of stock image libraries.

I’ve worked with CSS and other IT solution suppliers like them for a number of years and enjoy creating images for business and companies and working with the real employees in doing so. It’s a bit of fun on a normal workday for participants, is much easier than headshots and hopefully you’ll agree, still creates clean, sharp and on brand images that can be utilised at your leisure and which probably work out cheaper than stock images particularly when you take into account having to search for these.

If your company or business needs professional images or short films please feel free to get in touch.

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