Insurance Industry Photography Norwich & Cambridge with One Broker

Branding, smiles, interactions, award giving, office overviews, social space images, meetings, and working with co-workers- all part of a day photographing the offices of One Broker who have offices in Norwich and Cambridge. I’ve been producing insurance industry photography focusing on the human side of One Broker’s business for a number of years now, producing natural office environment and headshot photographs and film for the company and their marketing team Method Marketing.

The images are website and social media collateral, and the films are informative talking heads informing potential clients of the benefits of using an insurer that has tailored areas of business. I love producing images for companies, and look forward to meeting and greeting familiar faces and working with them to produce imagery. This interaction and knowledge of individuals helps me bring out the best in my subjects and hopefully allows my images to look warm and natural, which is always my goal.

I hope you like a small sample of recent images below.

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