Insurance Industry: Workplace Photography

With blog posts, social media posts and websites all demanding imagery to illustrate them to audiences which include potential clients, clients, prospective employees, competitors, and more workplace photography which includes organic/ authentic stock imagery is very important. One of the draw backs to workplace photography can be any changes in staff members that may occur, sensitive data/items on display, generally untidy/not the tidiest desk spaces and more.

On a recent shoot with a client I’ve had for a number of years now, I hoped to avoid some of the normal pitfalls of workplace based photography by extensively using a specialised lens designed primarily for architectural photography.

The tilt-shift perspective control lens I used allows the lens to be tilted and shifted and in doing so can change the plane of focus of the lens allowing the photographer to choose which part of a scene is in focus, leaving the area out of focus pleasingly blurred. One way I used the contrast between the focus area and blurred area in these photographs was to concentrate the viewer’s eye on the company branding for One Broker. The next was to use the particular blurring effect of the lens to remove sensitive data and specifically recognisable features of employees. This focuses the viewers attention on the environment as a whole and not necessarily the individuals or information on screens. And the third is to just lead the viewers attention to the particular area or branding you would like them to see, such as a particularly nice wall graphic or similar.

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