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A recent and ongoing commission has seen me working with Anglia Kitchens & Bedrooms producing new photographs for this Norwich based company of their beautiful Kitchen and Bedroom creations and the work that goes on behind the scenes to create their vision. Mixing interiors photography with what I call environmental portraits of the firms staff at work at their headquarters, we have produced both editorial images for magazine and brochure publication and images that can be utilised for website updates and blogs in addition to social media.

It’s generally rewarding work for me as I see where the Anglia’s creations are drawn up, fabricated and eventually installed. I didn’t think before taking on this assignment that I personally would fall in love with a kitchen but some of the kitchens I’ve photographed for the company have turned my head to what a kitchen can be, and I add that I own a perfectly decent kitchen which frankly pales in comparison to those I photographed.

With a wide ranging brief to photograph environmental portraits of sales staff and designers, fabrication by the skilled machinists and fitters, and the finished installed product in addition to other PR images, I started this assignment at the firms Hellesdon park base and then out on location at client’s homes. It’s an ongoing project with more new kitchens and bedrooms to photograph so that the company’s representation in print media and online can be brought up to date with the work they’re currently carrying out and the spaces they’re creating.

Watch this space for more from this project and if you have an interiors photography project that you need fulfilling please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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