Interiors Property Photographer: Holiday Chalet Kitchens.

Holiday Accommodation needs constant decoration and upgrades to both stay looking good and to remain ahead of trends as to what’s expected by the holidaying public. A recent assignment saw me assuming my role as a property photographer revisiting some accommodation I’d photographed in the past which had received new kitchen equipment and decor which needed to be photographed for website and brochure work.

To produce high quality interiors photography it’s usually essential to complement natural light available from windows and other apertures with both the available interior lighting and additional lighting provided by the photographer. It’s also important to have the correct equipment, know how to use it well and also how to edit images to produce consistent colour, style, and feel.

On this assignment, naturally occurrent shadows needed reducing, additional rooms needed to be lit to the same consistency as the main room and this entailed using three to four portable lights to produce a well lit image of the interior space. These lights married with tripod, camera and wide angled lenses formed the basis for the images below and were complemented with some additional detail shots focussing on the equipment installed in the chalet kitchens.

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