Kitchen and Interior Design photography

Kitchen and interior design photography is very popular and in Norfolk and Suffolk we’re very lucky to have many great companies producing bespoke kitchens and interiors for clients. On this assignment I was out with The Norfolk Workshop photographing two of their beautiful kitchens, utility room designs and bathroom and dining room units, near Norwich and North Walsham respectively.

Below are a few photographs of the kitchens and a utility room design that incorporates some little dog beds. I hope you can see that in addition to the overall layout and design, it’s also great to show off som of the bespoke detail that goes into the manufacture and design.

When we’re shooting interiors it’s often with proud homeowners in attendance, using cameras, tripods, and a few portable flashes so that even if the weather outside is typical midwinter fare we can still get great shots of the interiors.

If you have a design or manufacturing company and need some photographs of your installations then please get in touch.

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