Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Photography and Film

The old days of producing photography for brochures alone are far behind us and so too solely producing images for websites. We’re now producing images and film for both of the above, and a multitude of social media channels.

Keeping your clients up to date with the new designs you’ve completed not only shows them examples of your recent work but also the breadth of your design portfolio, they will follow your social media output and not necessarily go to your website for examples of your work. They may also follow your designers on social media and look at their aesthetic influences when choosing a designer to work with. So the message here is simple, don’t underestimate the power of regular social media posts with fresh and up to date designs.

Remember that if we’re getting shots of new designs, we can also get film footage- which gives a more immersive experience to the viewer and often grabs their attention to a greater degree. Combined you get a wealth of image collateral to use in all sorts of places from your brochures, websites, showrooms, to consultations, site visits, social media channels and more.

As a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom photographer and film maker we’re a content creator, creating content for your design business to utilise in advertising your services and guiding purchasing decisions. Here’s a few examples of photography from such shoots.

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