Kitchen Design Content Creator in Norfolk and Suffolk

Kitchen design ‘Content creator’ covers a number of skills here from the complexities of photographing kitchens to show off all their detail and their lighting both for website, social media and brochure work to producing film content for short form social media adverts for kitchen and interior design companies.

I’ve photographed kitchens for more than 5 years now and with the advent of more involvement of social media in advertising there has been a gradual shift toward displaying as much as possible about a kitchen in a social media friendly format or a film based format.

I create both high quality short film shorts pans, gimbal shots, equipment and fittings operation shots etc but also produce image sequences for animation on posts. There’s a number of technical requirements for each of these short films and sequences and these mainly focus on correct camera techniques, colouration and exposure but also exposure of sequences of images used.

The short social media film content is now a part of my content creation package with high quality photography and film being supplied to the client. The next stage I believe is finding the clients willing to give in person testimonials on visiting their homes for content creation purposes. Well filmed testimonials from real people hold much more weight than often an anonymised testimonial written on paper/screen.

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