Kitchen design films and photography

Once designed, manufactured and installed, a kitchen in a client’s home becomes a valuable portfolio piece, selling your abilities as a designer and manufacturer of interiors to further clientele. As a kitchen and interior company you must produce high standard kitchen design films and photography of this work if you want to increase your enquiries and prove yourself to clients with bigger budgets to spend.

I’ve been producing kitchen and interiors marketing photography and film for quite a few years now and know that the imagery produced gives potential customers ideas, inspiration and reassures them of the quality of a companies designs and installations. For this reason you have photographs and film both evidencing the work and now even the option of an actual client’s own testimonial in their own words to accompany the imagery.

The service we offer is punctual, respectful, neat and further reassures your clients that they’re receiving the same quality they expect from your company. Within a couple of hours at a clients home, you can have a host of images, film clips to complete some short films and social media adverts and even the testimonial if you wish? This gives your client the chance to show off their interior with professional images again to prospective clients and also gives you marketing materials to bring in new custom.

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