Kitchen design photographer: Norfolk and Suffolk

I work for a number of companies that work through out East Anglia creating amazing kitchens which as a kitchen design photographer I have the pleasure of photographing. I visit varied homes to photograph the full gamut of kitchen designs from small galley style kitchens in terraced houses to vast island based kitchens in contemporary builds.

It’s always a pleasure to hear about the design, planning and installation of the kitchens direct from my client’s clients. I’m often accompanied by a marketing professional who takes personal accounts of the process for real client testimonials, a real testimonial combined with photographic evidence of the finished product is always a great marketing tool when selling new designs or complete rebuilds to a new customer.

My work requires me to be professional, careful and timely in my photography of kitchens. Think how long you can be without a cup of something warm when working from home and that’s generally how long I have to produce overview and detail photography of a client’s kitchen.

The process involves up to 2 hours for each kitchen of photography followed by about the same amount of time in post production where various images are often combined to created the final images.

If you are interested in marketing your kitchen or interior design company then please get in touch to discuss your photography requirements.

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