My recent kitchen design photography on behalf of the talented team at Mulberry Kitchens has seen me photographing lots of new kitchens in 2019. I started with this Scandinavian inspired kitchen full of smooth minimalistic design features, with little spots of homeliness nestled in each corner. It was a beauty and on a sunny winters day it lit up in the morning with lots of light reflecting around its white interior. Photographing real kitchens is a joy, not only do I get to enjoy the designs, their look, features and great lighting features, but I get to hear how the kitchen was conceived, how the designer and home owner work together on designs and about the installation process and of course the pride and joy at owning a new kitchen. It’s great fun, and great evidence of the wonderful work that’s going on in Norfolk and Suffolk everyday in new kitchen design from the compact to the spacious.

The kitchen photography I produce requires generally about an hour and a half visit to a clients home. Using professional equipment which includes tripods, architectural and wide angle lenses and portable battery powered flash units images are produced which are then worked on in post production to produce professional images. I pride myself on reflecting the professionalism of the kitchen and interiors companies I work with, both in appearance and attitude in engaging with clients and I genuinely enjoy my work which adds to a positive experience for my client’s customers and reflects well on the companies who hire me.

Images are usually delivered to my clients within a week of a shoot and are made available to third parties for download so that both web designers, advertisers and the home owners themselves can utilise and enjoy the images respectively. If you’d like to enquire about rates for interior and exterior photographs of your projects then please get in touch as I’m always happy to answer questions and to meet with new businesses to work with.


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