Kitchen Showroom Photography

Mulberry Kitchen Studios is a company I’ve worked with for a couple of years now photographing client’s kitchens, so it was great to have the opportunity to photograph their Norwich showroom recently, meeting some of the design team and fitters I’d heard so much about in the process.

In addition to photographing the great showroom kitchens and establishment itself, my brief was also to supply some images for the company’s new website and social media accounts of their fitters working, designers consulting with clients and designers consulting on designs.

Interiors photography always requires a disciplined approach and is a technical type of photography in addition to having all the normal aesthetic concerns of photography. The normal stumbling point in photographing interiors is the difference in colour temperature between daylight (on this occasion the cold blue of a winter day) and the interior lighting source colouration. Lighting in a modern kitchen can come from many sources, under lighting on cupboards and units, spot lights, feature lights and the interior photographers job is to make sure they play well together in an image. The human eye can usually concentrate on one subject at a time and adjust accordingly whereas a camera tries to take in a whole scene at once often trying to see the way to a happy medium between vastly different colour temperatures from the cool blue of the daylight to the slightly orangey goodness of most led spots. To combine all the colours into one image I produce a number of images that are then combined in post production after the shoot in the office.

Alternatively, images of people working, consulting, adjusting and discussing as featured in this blog post are generally produced by managing the scene with carefully positioned lights which are usually positioned just out of the photo’s frame. Each image of people in the blog was carefully planned to allow me to light various parts of the frame of the image individually. To facilitate this in recent years I’ve invested in portable battery powered lights. These can usually be taken anywhere without the need to trail leads behind or have a plug socket conveniently close by, an absolute revolution in gaining freedom with lighting solutions.

I hope you like the small selection of images from the shoot. Get in touch if you have a commission you need fulfilling.

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