Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Photographer

Being a Kitchens, bedroom and bathrooms photographer involves quite a bit of time in the homes of my client’s clientele. This means that not only does my photography represent my client’s hard work designing, planning and building spaces inside people’s homes but that I also present a professional face related to the company I’m working for. For this reason, I’m professional, polite, punctual and smartly dressed, and my photographic kit is clean and tidy.

For my part I see some beautiful almost aspirational homes, and meet some lovely people who’ve invested good money in the talents of local trades to produce great interior spaces tailored to their needs and desires. It’s always fantastic walking into a space and sharing the wow factor with a home owner who is often a valued contributor in it’s planning and equally proud of the work they’ve had done to create their chosen interior.

When photographing interiors often the owners go to great lengths to prepare for the session, tidying and cleaning and although we often will make little tweaks there’s not often too much to be done to have a space ready to photograph. I personally make sure that the owner is thanked for their care, as this not only makes my work easier but also helps to display my clients work in a better light to other potential clients.

So this blog post isn’t about the actual photography as much as the customer care and handling that goes on in producing kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms photography. However here’s some recent images below of some lovely kitchen spaces by Mulberry Kitchens

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