Limited Space-Advertising Photography

Making sure that your client is happy with the placement of and visibility of advertisements is important if you sell advertising space which is why I was hired to photograph advertisements in action at Norwich’s Chapelfield Shopping Centre.

Limited Space sell advertising space to clients usually in shopping centres. The advertisements that Limited Space produce can be particularly dynamic or standard wall space adverts. On this occasion I was hired by Limited Space to photograph advertisements placed on the doors to lifts in a busy shopping centre. Obviously any company who pays for such advertisements wants to see how it catches the attention of the public and is viewed by the public so an important part of my brief was to include this interaction in my images.

The images from this assignment were delivered to the client via an FTP download from my secure gallery direct to their computers. It’s a simple and hassle free way to have your images delivered in a timely fashion and all you need is the web link and password I supply you with your advertising photography.

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