Lloyds TSB Commercial- Olympic Event Photography at Carrow Road

London 2012 saw a plethora of pre-olympic events and I was privileged to photograph a large event for Lloyds TSB Commercial at Carrow Road the home of Norwich City Football Club.

Lloyds TSB Commercial organised a huge event prior to the 2012 Olympics at Carrow Road. They invited former Olympic athlete Steve Backley, and several hopeful contending athletes for the 2012 Olympics, and treated guests to displays of table tennis and javelin throwing in addition to a seminar by the athletes themselves. After the demonstrations, came the involvement of lots of local schools who got their own javelin tuition courtesy of the great Steve Backley on Norwich’s pitch.

It was great Event Photography and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this large event and working with the professional athletes. The images were then supplied to Lloyds to be used for publicity ahead of the Olympics in a timely manner.

For some lucky delegates there was also the opportunity to hold the Olympic Torch.


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