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As a marketing photographer my work often varies greatly, from thoroughly controlled studio environments, to being out and about recording images in a photojournalistic fashion. On this occasion I spent the day photographing a marquee company’s installations ahead of real wedding use the same day.

The marquees were either in the process of transformation or fully decorated for the day weddings and I looked for the best views, looked to show some detail of the marquee designs and features, and even photographed some of the decoration ideas being utilised inside and outside the marquees. The little decorative details of a wedding day are often trend led and are important to record when placing a product in the current market for future clients to view. Trees at the entrance to a marquee, table decorations, choice of table type and even decorative paper hanging products were all recorded and no doubt add visual interest and market orientated interest to the images produced.

To make the images a little more unique in the market place I utilised a specialised lens in producing many of the images that is called a tilt-shift perspective control lens. Although traditionally used to negate the effects of distortion in architectural photography, the effects produced by these lenses are to produce a pronounced focus on particular aspects of an image selected by using the lens controls. I combined utilising these specialist lenses with normal wide angle camera lenses suitable for photographing large structures and interiors. An additional piece of equipment which was and is invaluable in this type of shoot was my monopod and a remote shutter release mode combined with an innovative camera tilt screen. The combination of these pieces of equipment allows me to produce aerial images of the marquees from about a 3-5 metre height which gives a better and more unique viewpoint of the architecture of them in photographs, and helps overcome foregrounds which would otherwise block a great viewpoint.

Hopefully you’ll be able to see from the images produced that forethought, equipment choice and skill behind a camera are all part of what makes a professional photographer and their images. Let me know if you would like to discuss your own photography needs.


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