Meet the Team Photographs

Meet the team photographs are an important addition to your website particularly where your business thrives on continued good working relationships with clients in the service industry. A cohesive set of images on a meet the team page is vital, with well lit, personality filled, consistent images that don’t look like they’ve been photographed by different photographers, in different lighting conditions, using very different equipment.

My work for various companies involves long working relationships adding updated headshots and natural portraits to an existing portfolio and adding new staff members to this portfolio too. To achieve consistency it is vital to use professional level equipment, lighting equipment and professional know how but that’s not all. You’ve got to be able to make people engage with the camera even when they absolutely abhor having their photograph taken and that’s the often overlooked skill.

The images below are produced for Breakwater IT for their often remarked upon interactive Meet the Team page. Check it out and contact me if you’d like professional, personality filled, and consistent images for your business.

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