MJS Projects: Headshot photographer Norwich

It’s always great to add new employee photographs to a company’s portfolio whether they’re actually new employees or simply someone who wasn’t available for a previous shoot. When working with people in the construction related industries such as here with MJS projects there can be both an onsite and office based look to capture for people who split their time between these two environments. As a headshot photographer here we looked at both an outdoor work jacket onsite look and the shirt/polo shirt in the office look. Then when it comes to a tender, blog about a project or other uses the more appropriate image can be used.

Here we also have 3/4 photographs. Why you ask? Well the answer here lies in the fact that modern cameras produce enough detail to both capture a 3/4 view of someone and then also crop this same image to a much closer headshot only image. The main thing here is that the photograph is in focus and of good quality, and hey presto you have an image that can be again used in various instances.

If you’re looking for a high quality photographer for your staff images rather than the “make do with” approach, get in contact.

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