Motorbike Photographer

Detailed, well lit images are essential to professional motorcycle photography and are one of the reasons I enjoy being a Motorbike photographer as a part of my commercial work.

Each of the images from this session was normally lit by between five and seven studio lights to ensure that detail, separation and contrast was achieved in the images produced. In addition to lighting the bike I also included for added interest a rider in most images. The lighting set up utilised was designed to be flexible and in tweaking the strengths and ratios of lights different compositions could be produced. Lights sat above the scene to each side and to the back of the image on stands, behind diffusers, and even on the floor.

To produce the images here, colour temperature of the studio lights was levelled, composites photoshopped where necessary and further tweaking completed to produce the images.rouI’m hoping to complete more assignments like this one and will be looking to photograph custom bikes, hogs, trikes, choppers and other bikes in the future. Get in touch if you own a motorcycle related business and would like some photographs of your portfolio or if you’re simply a proud owner.


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