Neff Kitchen Demonstration Films

Filming kitchen demonstrations is a new arrow to my film work bow and I enjoyed the challenge of filming a day of demonstrations of Neff Appliances for Neff and Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms, at their showroom in Norwich. Whereas kitchen demonstrations at showrooms pre-covid featured guests coming along to experience a showroom and to be wowed in person by the work of a home economist on this occasion the Neff Kitchen Demonstration Films were not filmed “in front of a live studio audience” but instead in front of three cameras, several microphones and a busy film maker.

Dawn Elsom, a fabulous Home Economist stepped up to the challenge of producing a demonstration not to an interactive audience but straight to film. She did a fantastic job considering that she’s never really demonstrated direct to camera and I can see her doing far more of this work as she was a natural, and knows the Neff range of ovens and hobs inside out. The day involved demonstrations of various Neff functions from Circotherm Intensive ovens, to full steam ovens and a flex induction hob ( I know all the terms and benefits of these now, and can’t look at my own cooker in the same way anymore). Dawn cooked steamed pineapple, risotto, a roast, cookies, brioche, toasties, eggs, asparagus, halloumi, tarts, and more: it was mouth watering, and dinner was tremendous 🙂

From the technical point of view, the films produced, 7 in total, with additional Instagram Reel adverts suitable for Facebook and Instagram, were filmed with three cameras generally to cut seamlessly back and forth between different angles to follow the live action of cooking with the appliances. Audio was recorded using a boom mic and a lavalier mic to follow the action and the films were edited to HD quality having been filmed in 4k to allow for cropping in to see details from the original film stock. On a dark winters day the showroom was lit for film using heavy duty constant film lights, there wasn’t quite enough room to place modifiers on these and fit them all in but hopefully you won’t notice this in the finished product.

It was great working with not only talented Dawn Elsom, but also Neff, Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms (who I also produce kitchen images for) on this project. Here’s a small sample of one of the films below the rest being available on my Youtube channel to view, and a still image of the filming so that there’s a viewable image on the blog post.

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