New Broads Cruiser Promotional Film

Ground based or should I say water based and aerial filming elements were included in a number of promotional films produced for Silverline Marine based in Brundall. Silverline Marine are a very well established boat builders and broads holiday company hiring a fleet of boats to holiday makers on the Norfolk Broads. As with many Norfolk broads based holiday companies Silverline not only run their small armada during the summer but build boats and repair their current stock during the winter season. Silver Solitaire was a new boat produced for the 2020 season and hence in addition to an introduction film to the company I produced a short promotional film of the new cruiser to hit the water this year.

The film has garnered a great deal of interest on Youtube and been viewed a 1000 times by prospective clients of Silverline Marine. The film includes licensed professional music, and titles that run the viewer through the new features included with the cruiser. The film is 80 seconds in length which is ideal for the modern audience whose attention span for promotional films rarely goes beyond 90 seconds. The addition of aerial filming to the film adds a new perspective to the film and accentuates the environment that this cruiser will work in, in addition to its unique features.

The film was shot in a few hours and processed in a matter of days ready to promote the new cruiser. Follow the link below to have a look!

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