New Building Marketing: Broadland Food Innovation Centre, Norfolk

Marketing new buildings to prospective tenants can often be difficult particularly when you are keen to see the costs of a new build recouped as quickly as possible. The Broadland Food Innovation Centre on the Food Enterprise Park in Norfolk was designed and implemented as it’s name suggests to help businesses in food and drink related fields thrive in Norfolk by offering a hub in which like minded and similarly food and drink affiliated businesses could operate and take advantage of shared facilities suitable not only for experimentation and tasting but also presenting and selling goods.

I was commissioned to fulfil a brief to produce a drone tour film of the building to take to presentations just before and on completion of the building and it’s opening to businesses. Working as the building was being completed we took advantage of good weather, previous site visits to plan routes, and a small window of opportunity to fly our FPV drones as a part of our brand through the buildings shared facilities and through some examples of the units which can be utilised by prospective clients.

Titles and a licensed music track were then added to the edited film to produce the finished piece which was delivered in good time for use in the launch presentations.

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