New employee portraits and headshots

Covid 19 with working from home, remote office working, and reduced office capacity has meant that there has had to be a few changes to new employee portraits and headshots. I usually fulfil lots of headshots and staff portrait assignments each year but this year unsurprisingly they’re off the general list of things to be done, with most being postponed until Covid restrictions are lessened.

I normally take portable studio gear to offices to quickly set up backgrounds and/or lighting to create great lighting and a very professional individual or group portrait. On this occasion I was shooting a new member of staff for a Europe based business who stipulated the shots needed from a professional photographer so that the images produced matched those of their current staff. The brief included the correct attire for the new staff member, examples of posing and asked for what we call a 3/4 length image (head to below the knees) against a white background, correctly lit in the style already utilised by the company (in this case a flat and flattering to all lighting set up).

A professional photographer assesses photographs as a matter of course so when I received the example images I took careful notes and immediately understood the images I’d need to produce to tie a currently remote workers portraits to those of the rest of the company. I knew the lighting and background I’d need, the lens needed, how much room I need to correctly frame the subject what size room I’d need to set my gear up in etc etc. Knowledge and experience came to the fore.

On the day in question at a neutral location with lots of room to both set up and socially distance, the background, lighting and camera equipment was assembled, the new employee was assured and the business of producing some portraits was completed. The images were edited the same day and made available for download to the European office at various resolutions as befitted their end needs. Taken on a high resolution camera the 3/4 length images can be used as they are, cut out and pasted onto different backgrounds , cropped into without loss of quality to make headshots and more. There’s no excuse for a poor quality portrait for a website or social media, get yourself or your employees a great one that represents you well.

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