Norfolk Produce photography and film.

Eastgate Larder are a Norfolk company producing products from Medlar fruit. Not only is their task to bring the products to market but it’s also to re-educate us all as to what a Medlar tree is, what it’s fruits can be made into, and to teach us a bit about the history of this forgotten fruiting tree. I was lucky to have a tour of Eastgate’s Medlar orchards with Jane Steward who taught me about the varieties of Medlar tree and fruit, a bit about the history and introduced me to the delight of eating a ‘bletted’ medlar straight from the tree. Having a Medlar tree in my own garden and not knowing about its secrets for at least 6 years has meant that I can now acknowledge the amount of work that’s needed to educate us all to a produce producing tree that loves wet soil and flourishes in our climate, producing fruit that doesn’t damage too easily and then ripens in storage for eating straight from the source or for making into chutney’s, jelly and even alcoholic beverages!

Norfolk has a strong local produce market and this is being strengthened by many organisations in the county that value local produce both for the support it gives the local economy, but also because of the environmental benefits, and knowledge of your producer that is essential in this modern age. I’m always happy when assisting local producers of great Norfolk produce with their marketing by producing images and film content for their advertising campaigns so please get in touch to have a chat.

Here’s a small sample of some of the online store type studio images produced for Eastgate larder.

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