Norwich Commercial Business Photographer: head shots and team photographs

I was recently back with LSI Architects to update a few photographs with their new branding and to produce some head shots and relaxed portraits of new staff members. LSI are an inspirational company and I always love to visit their base in Norwich to see what type of buildings they’re currently designing and to meet the new staff in an ever expanding successful business. They’re a positive company, produce great architectural projects and employ lovely forward thinking people.

My recent visit involved producing white background head shots, these are very easily utilised for many different applications. I supply these as standard in colour and black and white and design them to be high contrast images that are striking to the eye as opposed to washed out in colour or grey scale. More importantly although head shots are often viewed as stuffy and boring, I make sure that I capture personality and at least a hint of a smile, and do this by taking time to talk to the person I’m photographing to both put them at ease and learn a little about what might make them smile.

I then move onto what I and probably others call environmental portraits. These are taken at LSI in working office spaces using the best spaces but also the least likely to disrupt too much work. These portraits show a little more personality and give the business a chance to show a bit of their working environment and their employees in this working environment. Yes, on occasion a desk may need to be tidied but the effect is a good, relaxed portrait which again gives you more depth to the person you’re photographing which is particularly useful if you spend a great deal of time not engaged in face to face contact with clients but talking via phone/email.

Finally, a few group shots of the very busy heads of this business. We were slightly pushed for time but as always the gents involved were accommodating and great fun to photograph, my challenge being to photograph them with as much branding as possible also visible in the photographs.

I hope you like this summary of a morning assignment of a Norwich Commercial Business Photographer. I’m glad to say that I regularly enjoy repeated custom from my clients I believe because I listen, engage and enjoy my work. Let me know if you’d like me to produce some photographs for you, your company or business.

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