Norwich : Headshot and brand photography

A recent Norwich based headshot and brand photography shoot saw me heading to the headquarters of Regional Car Parks. Introduced to everyone in the RCP team on arrival I quickly set up a portable studio set up to produce some studio styled headshots.

When photographed on a plain white background a headshot can be very versatile and easily manipulated in photoshop for design purposes. As an example you can take the white background headshot and fairly simply cut out the person in photoshop and can then place them in graphical content on your website, adverts and more. Well produced white background headshots when taken by a professional taking care over colour balance and lighting also mean that the headshots can be reproduced. If you have new employees or updated headshots then these don’t look completely different or slightly out of sorts with your previous images. As can be seen in the examples below the headshots are shot wide in the first instance to allow them to be cropped for social media profile images and more.

After headshots were completed we moved onto brand imagery and some team shots. With brand images you’re looking to strengthen the brand image of the company by producing clean, professional, well lit images that ideally also include your branding for ease of recognition. In this case we had a great wall graphic to utilise for some more relaxed accreditation shots and more.

It was a joy to work with the RCP team who were a group of lovely people to both meet, chat to, and photograph. I hope to have the pleasure of working with the team again.

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