Office Building Indoor Drone Tours: Breakwater IT, Norwich

Traditionally in addition to headshots and environmental portraits of team members I’d produce photographs of office interiors to give prospective clients of the companies for which I work an idea of the organisation they’ll be working with. Then in addition to the photography I started producing films of office interiors and staff members usually utilising tripods and gimbals to produce stable footage. With the advent of my drone work I could introduce an aerial element to my film work with stabilised cameras on drones that can be flown outside. When I first started using drones I couldn’t have envisaged that I’d be able to fly a drone through a building and around people legally and safely. Normal outdoor drones are quite heavy and have nasty propellers, and you fly them remotely generally with quite simple movements being mastered, I have several. Having developed an interest in FPV drones I first learned to fly using goggles and a spotter: to look out for danger I couldn’t see through the drones onboard camera used for flying. Then combining very small cinewhoop drones with enclosed propellers which can’t do damage and with lightweight 4k cameras I started filming indoors and outdoors at the same time, and now even with people present, legally, safely, office building indoor drone tours!

Breakwater IT have been a client of mine for many years, I pretty know everyone by name, I’ve photographed them all. It was a pleasure for them to agree to a quick film, filmed in their offices in Norwich. We briefed the staff, introduced them to the drone that was going to be used and then planned the filming and any movements of people therein. The result just under a minute of film designed for social media to highlight the company, raise awareness and act as an introduction. I hope you like it.

Other projects that could benefit from an office building tour style film include building projects, commercial property rental, private house sales and more. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project?

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