Photography and Film Content for your business

Producing photography and film content for your business shouldn’t be something you try and do yourselves. There’s specific skills, knowledge and kit needed not to mention experience in producing media for various formats from websites, to social media to print production and brochures.

Earlier this year we were approached by Dofygate to produce some images and film for a new website and product range. The first thing we did is find out all we could about the product, and then we looked at where the film and photography content would be used and potentially utilised. The next stage was the shoot itself on this occasion at a former RAF aerodrome, and then the editing process to produce both films for various applications and images for marketing the products.

We produced films for website use, instructional content, social media adverts and more and images for website headers and sections in addition to marketing in print.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a shoot (credit to the Dofygate team), some screen grabs of images being used on the new website (credit to myself, Dofygate and Wiserweb) and then a short advert film produced for social media.

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