Press Release photographer

As a professional photographer I’m asked to cover events and occasions such as this opening of a Link cash machine in the Suffolk town of Bungay as a press release photographer. The occasion was marked by a number of local dignitaries, the local MP, town Mayor and town council clerk being present in addition to a representative from Link being in attendance whilst carefully following Covid guidance including social distancing.

Unfortunately on the morning of the opening of the cash machine it was raining cats and dogs and in addition to the inclement weather I had to also make sure that the group weren’t too close and observed the 2m social distancing rule. The masks came off once everything was set and we proceeded to get a few images for local press and for social media for all concerned before we all got too soaked. I then also produced some images of the cash machine itself in its new setting for the installation company Link for their records and future use.

If you have any requirements for a press release photographer please get in touch, we might even get a sunny day 🙂

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