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Press Release photography has been an efficient advertising tool for business for many years, and must be thought of as a forerunner to blogging in the way it delivers news about your business or company to a readership. Of course press releases require not only a news worthy story but usually good accompanying images to wow an editor into giving you column space in whichever publication you’re using. The same can’t always be said about the humble blog but again images have been shown to improve a readers experience of whatever article in whatever format so must never be neglected if you’re looking at successful exposure for your business.

A recent assignment saw me photographing the coming together of not two but three companies who hope to join forces to present a cohesive solution to communications for our region. My brief was to photograph the key players in this venture together and to sell the brand they are promoting and their company’s skills. With branding yet to be fully produced I was asked to compose images to which branding could be added in post production after the shoot had taken place. For this reason the first shots were planned with a white space to the left of the image to which branding could be added, and in the second image set up a space was left in the top right corner again so a brand could be added here. Using office space as it was a little too cold outside we planned a shoot and I set up two photographs which would supply at least three different photographs that could be supplied to the press. With the photographs set up, at the conclusion of a meeting the client’s were ready to be photographed.

Hopefully you’ll agree that I supplied some strong images to which further branding can be carried out ready for press release.

The shoot took place for the following companies Breakwater IT, Swains Plc, EBS.

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