Press Release Photography

The team at Rogers & Norton Solicitors are a very personable, friendly and welcoming which always makes working with them very easy. On this occasion we were at the company’s Attleborough offices producing both some headshots and PR images. It was a cold winter morning in Attleborough but the PR shots required that we make our way to the town’s central park for some photographs with the historical town sign. It was a tad chilly but as previously mentioned the R&N solicitors are good sports so didn’t mind the chill.

Once we’d produced a few photographs at the park it was time to make the most of the R&N branding to the front of the Attleborough offices to produce some more PR shots for newly qualified staff members before updating some headshots with a portable studio set up in the offices themselves.

I work regularly with R&N and other companies to produce images to support Press releases, and produce headshots, office shots and product shots in addition to photographing and filming events. Drop us a line if you’re interested in finding out more about our services.

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