Pricing and rates for Phil Barnes Commercial Photography work is fundamentally based on the time needed to complete assignments. On site and on location work typically represents half of the time needed to produce visuals including photographs and films so an hour shoot at a location will typically require an hours editing and uploading back in the office. Travel in Norfolk is usually covered by my pricing rates but multiple location visits and Cambridgeshire and Suffolk work incur further travel expenses charged at a standard rate.


Photographs and film content is shared with our clients after a shoot using private image galleries and file sharing software. Private image galleries allow you, and third parties with the access details, to access and download your images at full resolution and resized resolutions direct from my gallery as fits your end use. We always recommend making copies of your full resolution files and the gallery is usually open for 6 months for downloads. File sharing software enables us to transfer your short films direct to you to upload to your website/online films storage such as Youtube. Film work can be supplied in various formats and quality as fits your end uses.



Headshot Photography and Business Portraits Pricing:


Headshot photography and business portraits. These sessions often include headshots against studio style backgrounds and business portraits in the work environment. I utilise portable lighting to correct normally unflattering office lighting and normally sessions include set-up, shoot, pack down and then subsequent editing and upload. Post production of images and upload is usually equal to the amount of time spent on site. Generally the number of people being photographed and the number of photographs required of them dictates the time needed for the shoot but for individuals and pairs usually an hour is sufficient, 2-15 people a half day shoot and 15+ usually a full day session. Please note these prices are a guide only.





Property Photography and Film:


High quality Property Photography and Filming depending on the assignment utilises a great deal of specialised equipment, including lighting, post production techniques, drone work and more. I strongly advise getting in touch for a tailored quote depending on your requirements as normally interiors require more time to produce. The following quotes are based on including high quality interior images and film which are post production heavy. Aerial drone work is conducted in accordance to CAA guidelines please consult me as to the validity of aerial images and footage. For information regarding testimonial films of clients please see the Marketing visuals guidance on pricing. Please note these prices are a guide only.






Marketing Visuals


Marketing Visuals include a wide gamut of film and photographic work from producing short promotional films to creating stock images for companies, press release and editorial images and event coverage. I strongly recommend getting in touch to discuss your requirements but please use the following prices as a guide and read the general information at the top of this page. Please note these prices are a guide only.









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