Product Launch Event Photographer

It’s not often I trek out to the NEC for an assignment but on this occasion I was helping out a fellow professional Steve Wright Photographer to cover a product launch event photographer assignment photographing the launch of new Veterinary drug treatment Fencovis on behalf of manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim.

It was a great event, with countrywide veterinarians invited to the evening to socialise, learn about the product, receive presentations including those about the product and also incremental professional performance enhancement from Olympic gold medal cyclist Dani King. After socialising, talks, and then food then came the main event. With Dani King having provided all the mentoring needed with her talk about performance enhancement the Vets were allowed to challenge each other to bicycle sprint races with the eventual winners bagging a prize presented by Dani herself.

I always enjoy listening half to lectures and talks whilst producing photography and events and believe it keeps me engaged and on my toes in doing so, but it’s also great to have the opportunity to learn about new drugs designed to help young farm animals survive neonatal conditions and also learn how much effort went into winning gold medals in the 2012 Olympics.

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