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Covid has made us all too well aware of the importance of having an online sales platform, not necessarily one to rival Amazon but at least one that’ll bring in the enquiries, purchases and money. For years now there’s been effective hosting sites enabling smaller retailers to sell their products under an umbrella sales site. In the interior decor market it’s been Houzz and in smaller decorative objects, jewellery and curios it’s definitely “Not on the High Street”. These umbrella sites ask for quality product photography and go to great lengths to stress the importance of high quality photographs in selling products. Covid has meant that businesses that use these platforms have seen a great demand and so to have I and many other photographers able to produce high quality product photography.

I’m lucky in that I undertake a great variety of work and thoroughly enjoy doing so. I’m also not afraid to purchase kit and gear that allows me to service a number of photographic and film needs and as a result of well over 10 years of work I have lots of equipment that’s great for product photography from backdrops to lighting modifiers, lights, stands, tripods, cameras and specialist lenses.

A recent shoot for Home and Glory, a local online retailer selling both on their own website and on “Not on the high street” involved the photography of jewellery, bags, glasses cases, make-up bags and more. The studio was set up for both upright and flat lay photographs, backgrounds were interchanged, lighting modified and images produced. The images were quickly edited, resized for immediate upload to the selling space at the right sizing and quality and as a result the products on sale quickly in time for Christmas trading.

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