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I like to keep a varied book of work and to challenge myself with new assignments. I produce some standard product photography for a few companies but refer the higher end technical work, guitars, watches etc to specialists in this field locally. When I was contacted recently by someone I’d done some product photography for a number of years ago about photographing their new products I took the work on as I knew the person involved had impeccable taste for colour, and interior styling all of which she’s used in developing the new product with her business team.

The company I was shooting for are Lovely Button Ups who create unique bright and colourful products for hanging various things on your walls at home! The products so far are based on a button type design which fastens to a Velcro pad and provides a beautiful hanging point for artworks, gifts and other items.

A great many small businesses start with the ubiquitous images on a mobile phone being used to sell their products. Mobile phones are very good as we all know, but they do have their failings. Low light, only an onboard or cheap flash accessory, white balance issue etc, etc. The problem is the image quality isn’t high or consistent enough to cement a brands quality, or to add to a product line with consistency.

In photographing a product range that is going to be displayed on a sales site or website, a photographer looks at a number of issues that aren’t always considered. These include consistent scale of a product, lighting and look that can be reproduced by using the same light sources, angles, distances, white balance and the same image editing mix. On this shoot all the information was recorded as shooting took place. Light source distance, angle, power settings, camera distance from product and lens length, image editing settings, white balance etc, etc. If you want your images to look professional and consistent this is all a requirement, particularly if you want new photographs of a product 6 months from now which can sit beside those photographed last week on your web page.

Hopefully this all makes sense, it’s all about the viewers experience looking at your product. If I’m able to see well lit items, that are faithful to their real colouration, are to the same scale so that I can differentiate different size products from each other then I’m saving you countless hours of product returns, queries and saving your customer from experiencing hassle or wasted time which comes at the expense of your business.

What did I add to the shoot here, well if you’re doing a product shoot you’ve got to remember that the product shots are going to be produced in a controlled setting, which is also an opportunity to obtain not only shots for listing products but also for inclusion in social media posts. If the lighting used is also constant video friendly lighting then you can also obtain some film or stop motion of products at the same time. These are invaluable for grabbing audience attention on socials and for illuminating ads or websites.

So for this client I produced, flat lay photographs and stop motion short films for socials and standard films of the product for socials. Lots of collateral of the product for multiple uses. Please see the examples below.

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