Product Photography and Services Photography


Industry magazines, sales websites, website landing pages, brochures, books and school and college prospectus’s are all media for which I’ve produced product photography and service photography. I’ve photographed huge pieces of equipment designed for installation on Offshore Oil Platforms, hand-made dog collars and leads, hot-tubs, Marquees, Christmas Turkeys, Livery stable facilities, Fresh food, newly finished restaurants and more and enjoy each assignment I’ve completed. Part of the fun is meeting the challenge and producing great images to sell services and products for fellow business owners.

Product photography for sales websites is conducted using studio lighting and backgrounds which create images designed to meet not only a company website criteria but also that of third party sales sites such as Etsy etc. Lifestyle product images can also be produced of products in active roles and services in use and I enjoy looking for solutions to photography needs with my clients, and using my extensive range of equipment to light and photograph even the most challenging subjects.

The Services photography I produce ranges from School prospectus images to editorial images for clients in the service industry. I enjoy a variety of commissions in this area and again like to get the most out of each assignment both based on it’s purpose and intended media and by using the specialist knowledge of the client’s I work with.

For examples of my recent work in the product photography and services photography fields please have a look at the blogs posts below.


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