Product Photography for Website Landing Page

Launching new products or a new concept requires product photography. During this recent assignment I worked closely with the company involved to finesse a very important photograph designed to convey in one image design the essence of a new concept.

Selling the new concept to the company’s clients required the creation of an image that could be scanned quickly and which would in that scan supply the client with information about the new concept whilst also guiding them to the essential text to tell them more about it. The image was to be a landing page image on a revamped website, it had to work not only on a laptop, but also a desktop, smart phone and tablet. This meant that the image elements selected to convey information to the client had to be viewable and comprehensible in various crops of the self-same image, and of course had to leave enough room for the text and call to action buttons embedded in the web design.

Planning the image took all of the above into account. Take the aspect ratios of the image my camera would produce and plan an image to work on all formats, which would also guide the site visitors eye to the centre of the image and the strap line of the concept and call to action buttons. I planned a natural lead for the viewers eye leading them in from the top left corner of the image through various image elements arranged to provide as much colour and visual interest as possible and intuitive understanding of the process as possible through a loop back into the image centre. The positions of the elements were fastidiously planned and then adjusted until the image worked in the multiple ratios of the various web browsing tools.

The process was facilitated by a working conversation with the designers in the company and the MD. Working on the idea together, seeing what worked and producing a finished product which worked in many ways in only a fashion that a well planned image or clever marketing can. This was a great project to work on, if you have similar photographic work that you need completing, please get in touch.

Here is the finished image without the graphics added, to view the finished photograph in place please view the website here:


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