Professional Headshot Photographer Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

As a professional headshot photographer I produce headshot photographs and environmental portraits for a range of companies in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. The headshots range from photographs with a studio style white background, to headshots taken with a natural office environment with a sharp focus on the individual in the work place. Often during a session with a company I’ll produce both types of image, the first for a team page and the second for social media or blog posts. I’m lucky in having plenty of equipment to set up several areas for photographs at the same time so that a team member can have several photographs taken in the same time slot to serve both purposes above.

I’ve been photographing some of my clients for years and enjoy lots of repeat custom, meeting new team members on repeat visits and updating older photographs. In addition to the headshots, and the environmental portraits I produce, I can also photograph organic natural stock images for your company to use on your website and social media posts.

If you have a headshot or staff portrait brief to fulfil get in touch for some help in the planning and photography. Shots below courtesy of my clients websites.

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