Professional Portraits: Headshots for professionals.

A recent portrait commission producing professional portraits for a local professor and director saw me taking both formal and informal portraits during a home visit.

When discussing and producing commissions for individuals I normally suggest a mix of formal and informal portraits as this typically covers all bases as far as both images for formal websites and informal social media platforms are concerned.

The formal images I produce are often studio style images on white backgrounds. The benefit of having a formal portrait on a white background is it not only fits into web designs and other online formats well but also allows graphics to be produced with a minimum of hassle as the white background helps designers to manipulate the image easily.

Formal studio images can be produced practically anywhere using mobile studio equipment and this was the case on this shoot with the portable studio equipment being set up in the client’s own home.

Once the formal images had been produced it was then easy to use the home and the outdoors around my client’s home to produce some relaxed images and we opted for some portraits at the client’s computer, and in the home and some images of a relaxed nature outdoors in the wonderful autumn colour.

The images from this shoot were delivered to the client via an online gallery with a download facility allowing her to download them at full resolution and resized resolutions suitable for web use and social media applications.

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