Broadland Country Park: Promotional Film

Initially planned as a short promotional film to promote a new country park featuring talking heads and professional models standing in as park users this project changed as successive Covid pandemic restrictions took place in late 2020 and early 2021. The restrictions that came into place meant that the original planned film could not be filmed and so the planned content changed significantly.

B-roll footage gathered before a lockdown took place, was combined with zoom conference call filmed interviews recorded by Broadland council, and finally this was added to with aerial and some more ground footage when lockdown restrictions eased. The initial B-roll footage was filmed during a scouting trip of the woodland area during autumn and hence featured an autumnal colouration and theme. The additional footage gained in the following spring focussed on the evergreen areas of the park mainly in the pine woodland and heath areas so that the juxtaposition of the two periods of the year wasn’t too jarring in terms of colouration and theme. The use of Zoom call footage and audio was far from ideal but necessary. The quality of recording and audio from such calls is low and wouldn’t usually be used in a film but has become commonplace during the pandemic. The visual element of these calls was cropped and minimised so as not to draw attention to the lower quality of the footage compared to the main film and the audio quality improved as much as possible. Overlaying the spoken audio over a backing track helped to again distract the viewer from the inferior quality of the audio.

The original promotional film became an official park opening film in lieu of being able to do this formally in person on site due to restrictions on the number of people able to meet. This led to the Zoom footage of the councillor interviews being added to the film whereas information about the park was originally included in overlaid subtitles.

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