Promotional Films: Recruitment and Induction Films

Recruitment and induction of new staff members is vital to all the businesses and companies I work with. A recent commission to produce three promotional films for Accountancy and Financial Advice firm M+A Partners in Norfolk involved producing two films devoted to recruitment and the induction of new staff.

The first film was for prospective candidates from schools and universities and transferees from within the accountancy and financial world. It detailed how the company takes on new staff, what they look for, what assessment process takes place in addition to what they can offer to successful candidates as far as opportunities and careers. The film consisted of an interview with the Managing partner interspersed with footage taken from around the company’s offices throughout Norfolk. The film can be used on the firms social media account, embedded on web pages and featured on their own Youtube archive for referencing when needed. The quality of the film will also allow it to be utilised in displays used at events and careers fairs among other possible venues.

The second film covered an induction film headed this time by the company’s head of HR. This was made as a welcome and guide to new candidates. What to expect of their first days of employment, a guide as to how to fill in online forms, and who to refer questions too were just a few of the topics covered in what would no doubt prove to be a film to allay first day fears and nerves and inform new staff members from the get go. Again a face to face interview filmed on several cameras to allow for cutaways and changes of perspective made up the main body of this film and this was cut together with relevant sequences filmed in the firms workplace evidencing the working environments, first week activities, in addition to video screen shot guidance regarding completion of forms and work relevant information.

Both films were finished with graphics content, licensed music and delivered in several formats to facilitate a wide variety of use throughout social media and other platforms. If you have any requirements for short films feel free to get in touch to discuss these.

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