Property Photographer: Kitchen Photography

As a property photographer for the East Anglian region a great deal of my work entails photographing modern kitchens for kitchen companies. On this assignment I was working in North Norfolk producing images of new and real kitchens to provide photographs for marketing material.

Great customer skills are essential to work in the homes of kitchen company clients as essentially I’m reflecting the professionalism of the company I’m working for. Often kitchens have been beautifully prepared by the clients and in addition to producing great photographs showing appreciation and gratitude to a client for their effort and time is essential.

I usually start by being hired by a marketing company and then usually move onto arranging shoots directly with the companies involved in the architectural and interior design. This means that new and recently completed designs can be captured and great work showcased alongside current trends and fashions.

Kitchens usually take approximately an hour and a half to photograph, producing approximately 9-15 photographs that can then be provided to my clients via a download gallery within the week. Contact me if you’d like to talk about photographing your work.

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