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Property needs to be photographed well and as a property photographer I realise how important it is to avoid common mistakes in producing high quality interior and exterior images of buildings and homes. To take care in photographing property interiors it helps to make sure that the property is lit correctly and that distortion caused by wide angle lenses is minimised. This removes unsightly dark areas, makes the most of the existent lighting and window light and prevents square items of furniture and door frames etc from becoming too rounded or stretched.

To help light interiors I utilise multiple centrally controlled small flash units placed carefully out of site to correctly light adjacent rooms, dark corners, stairwells and the like in addition to supplementing the light available. To further utilise available light I use a tripod or monopod to allow my cameras to capture more light by using slower shutter speeds than those available to someone using a camera in the hand.

I also use a flip out screen on my camera to allow me to move my camera back further away from the scene which means that I do not have to use such a wide lens angle. This reduces distortion as much as is possible even when a wide camera angle is necessary to show the connection between living spaces: as in the first image below of an open plan living space.

Finally for exterior shots as found below I also utilise a wifi link which allows me to mount a camera upon a high pole whilst still being able to operate it. In this case this gives a bit more of a birds-eye view of a property illustrating garden space well and removing some of the natural distortion often present when photographing buildings from eye level.

If you’re commissioning a build, are an architect, or you’re simply trying to sell a property in a slow market feel free to get in touch for a simple quote regarding your property photography from a property photographer.




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