Property Photography


The property photography I undertake in Norfolk and Suffolk includes photographing interiors and exteriors for holiday companies, home design and decor companies, architectural firms and estate agents.

I photograph exclusive holiday homes, cottages, flats and chalets for individual owners and larger holiday companies and holiday parks.  As with all of my property photography I aim to create bright and well lit images that invite further enquiries and sell the holiday lettings to the potential client base. For exteriors I take care to utilise specialist camera lenses and equipment to gain elevated views and to avoid lens distortion of the building exterior. On shooting interiors I utilise technical lighting techniques and portable flash units where necessary to produce bright and pleasing images.

Home design companies often require photographs of new installations to market their work to new clients and I often photograph newly fitted kitchens for kitchen design companies, bedrooms and bespoke design features that have been installed in new builds, renovated properties and clients homes. Again I enjoy photographing the finished products and spend time also capturing detail photographs all of which are great in magazine editorials.

I also work with architects, and interior decor companies, and on editorial images for restaurant and pub renovations all of whom require well lit, bright and engaging and accurately rendered photographs of the interiors and exteriors of properties often with emphasis on design details.

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